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4 Step Prevention Process

At the heart of our pest control approach is our Four Step Prevention Process, which focuses on prevention, monitoring, and environmentally responsible treatment methods. We understand the importance of maintaining a pest-free environment.

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Foundation Spray

  • The foundation spray creates a lasting barrier between your home and the bugs.

  • This eliminates potential entry points

  • This spray is effective in any weather so no worries on rain showers after treatment

  • We only use the highest quality products on the market

  • At Apex we are all about safety and being eco- friendly. Our Foundation Spray is pet, kid, and eco- friendly


Eaves Sweep

  • Removes any spider webs and wasps nest on the home.

  • Keeps your home looking clean and bright

  • We will add a product to our brushes to add residual long lasting protection

  • This also eliminates pests in hard to reach areas.


Yard Treatment

  • Our extensive yard treatment keeps bugs from nesting on the property

  • This treatment also acts as a repellant for your yard year round

  • We ensure the toughest infestations won’t return

  • This treatment is non-invasive and is safe for the whole family


Interior Services

  • No hard odors or messy sprays ever!

  • No need to move heavy furniture or lift a finger at all

  • We aim to target pests where they live.

  • We offer free interior treatment as much as you need to live pest free.


Additional Services

  • We will treat your fence line, porches, and patios at no additional cost

  • Mosquito Service Add-On for only $25 more a month

  • Ask your technician about our additional services!



  • No expensive fees!

  • Transparent and affordable pricing

  • Monthly Payment plan of $45/ month for everything!

  • Give us a call for a FREE quote for your commercial property.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Best Pest Control Near Me!

Kentucky has a rich history of lush bluegrass, sprawling horse farms and farmlands. With this type of terrain, we see a lot of pesky pests trying to make their way into our homes and businesses.


As your premier pest control company in Louisville, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and satisfaction guarantee. Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals available day and night for our customers. Let us be your top choice when you search “Pest Control Near Me” on Google!

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